"What she does is hard to do.  There's no subtext or nuance she won't find in a part.  Her performances are always layered with complicated emotions and authentic turns.  And her instincts for finding humor and grace notes in a scene are so sharp."
~ Adrienne O'Riain, VP, Original Programming, TNT

"It's as if Kimberly Yates' charming, hilarious and heartbreaking Dunyasha skipped in from some otherworldy meadow."
~Houston Press (opposite Jim Parsons)

"Kimberly Yates' airy appeal in a grounded comic performance made her (Cass) a likeable underdog."
~ Broadway World

"I was worried about Sandy being a likable protagonist until Kimberly walked in the room with her Amy Adam's charm and perfect timing."
~  Alice Johnson Boher, Writer, A Portrait of Female Desperation and Wanda Gets Loose

"She makes you laugh and breaks your heart at the same time."
~ Brian Rhinehart, Artistic Director, Dog's Breakfast, NYC

"So funny.  So tender. Deep, without trying to be."
~Rob McCaskill, Director and Writer, Details, Heterosexuals and Harem Scarem.

"Kimberly Yates:  personality meets professionalism, talent meets training and brains meets beauty. She's the whole package."
~ Sal Romeo, Artistic Director, Friends and Artists Studio, LA

"Amy Adams meets Amy Poehler meets Mary Louise Parker.  Yes, she's all three."
~Lesly Kahn, Founder, Lesly Kahn & Company

Kimberly Yates